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Especialidades del Despacho

- Our objective is to represent you in the defense of your interests -

Revisión de leyes

Civil Law, Family and Inheritance

Expertise to advise and represent our clients in processes related to General Civil Law, Family and Inheritance in Madrid and throughout the national territory. We provide our professional services to help people who are involved in a civil procedure.

Corte suprema

Derecho Penal

José Jara Terrés, Head of the Firm, has solid experience in Criminal Law in all its areas; crimes against life, injuries, gender violence, sexual crimes, trafficking, minors, economic crimes or domestic violence , among others.

Sillas de la corte

Labor Law

Extensive experience regarding Labor Law. At JARA TERRÉS Abogados we are supported by our clients: dismissals of all kinds, disabilities, ERTE, sanctions, functional diversity. Contact us! Whether you are a natural or legal person, we are here to help you.

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