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José Jara Terres

Office Owner

José Jara Terrés is a Principal Lawyer and Founder of JARA TERRÉS Abogados located in the city of Madrid. We provide comprehensive legal services in the Criminal, Civil and Labor field, both to individuals and legal entities. Our mission is to find the best solution for our clients, whether in court or extrajudicially through mediation or negotiation.

Member number 136226 in the Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid, he previously obtained the Degree in Law with distinctions at the UNED and the Master's Degree in Access to the Legal Profession at the UOC with Honors in the Master's Final Project. Currently certified by the International School of Mediation and part of the Registry of Mediators of the Ministry of Justice.

He speaks Spanish, English and Italian and has trained in different Firms in the Labor, Civil, Commercial, Criminal and International branches in the cities of Barcelona and Rome before starting his own professional activity.

At JARA TERRÉS Abogados we always put the client at the center, without forgetting the human factor, emotions and values, giving personalized guidance so that our clients make the best decisions, informing at each stage of the process.

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Esther González Hernández

Of-Counsel Constitutional Law

Esther González-Hernández has 25 years of experience and specialization in Public Law in the field of amparo appeals before the Constitutional Court and the defense of fundamental rights before the ordinary Jurisdiction.


She has a PhD from the UCM and Full Professor of Constitutional Law at the URJC, an activity that she has combined with experience in management both in the private sector as Deputy Director of the URJC Foundation (2012-13) and in the public sector as Deputy Director of Publications and Documentation of the Center for Political and Constitutional Studies, attached to the Ministry of the Presidency (2018) and as coordinator of the Research Management Units and Vice President of the Research Ethics Committee of the URJC (2010-2012).


He has carried out research stays at the University of La Sapienza (Rome), Firenze and Torino, obtaining the Nicolás Pérez Serrano Prize for the best Doctoral Thesis in Constitutional Law and Political Science, of the 2001/2002 Academic Year of the Center for Political and Constitutional Studies . 


Professor in prestigious national and international university master's degrees in Public Law, among her wide range of publications, her latest monograph on Ordinary and Extraordinary Amparo: Legal-Practical Issues, Aranzadi, 2018 is notable. Esther also works in English and Italian.

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