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Bioethics and Biolaw: Health Law.

 Assisted Reproduction, Public and Private. INSS Medical Disabilities.

From the Bioethics and Biolaw area of the Firm we provide advice to medical professionals, patients and families in the regulatory dimension, regarding therights, obligations, responsibilities, protocols and procedures mandatory for the parties.


On a daily basis, professionals and patients in the health sector must face decisions frequently related to biomedical advances or the application of biolaw, understood as thelegal limits imposed on medical-scientific activity in its special interrelation with human life.

And for this reason, because this Firm is passionate about this branch of Law, at LegalClinic we come to offerlegal assistance, advice, as well as representation surrounding the problems that may arise from the confluence betweenethics, current legislation and the constant advances of science and medicine. And to do so by offering the greatest guarantees for our international clients, at LegalClinic we have a team of European Lawyers with the highest qualifications who offer service in the cities ofMadrid, Barcelona, Rome and Paris.

At LegalClinic we also help our clients who, due to any circumstance, accident or unforeseen situation, cannot continue performing their profession, to request and obtain a disability pension before the National Social Security Institute, from the preliminary phases to the judicial phase with excellent results. We have experience withtotal, absolute, partial and severe disability. We work with the best medical experts, who will evaluate your case to guide us in the process until we achieve our clients' objectives.

Likewise, if you have been a victim of amedical malpractice in any of its specialties, we can help you obtain, depending on its severity, aeconomic compensation be it in the extrajudicial phase, and in the most controversial cases, we accompany until the judicial phase with the best medical expert collaborators of all specialties.


Because we know that our clients have different needs, our mission is to offer a100% personalized service. Our value proposition at LegalClinic is to put the client at the center and that our service is in direct relationship with the current legislation on the affected matters and the interaction withpatients, families and health professionals. Offered by legal professionals specialized in the discipline who provide service in Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian and French.

Our commitment and mission as Lawyers specializing in Bioethics and Biolaw is to offer legal advice and assistance in the matter and inany type of past, present or future conflict related to the issues raised by this branch of Law.


Contact now through form that you will find on the home page of our website, sending an e-mail to"" or by phone (+34) 772616250and schedule a first evaluation and service design visit without obligation.

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